Topics & Speakers

Dr Chua Yang Liang

National Director and Head of Research & Consultancy, Singapore, Jones Lang LaSalle

"Impact of Population White Paper on the Residential Real Estate Market in Singapore"
How effective will Population White Paper be in combating high property growth in Singapore?

The Singapore government’s policy stance towards the residential property market has changed from taking a heavy-handed position as in 1996 to a much softer, “feel the market” approach in line with a much bigger population base. Looking at the island-wide Property Price Index (PPI), the residential market corrected at an average of 2.5% per quarter between 2Q96 and 2Q98, while the current market has continued to expand at an average of 1.8% per quarter since the first cooling measure was introduced in Feb 2010. If one feels that an effective policy is one that would lead to a correction in the market, then clearly this soft policy stance the state has adopted is ineffective. However the policy intention is not about causing a correction but rather a retardation of the growth. If this is truly the case, then the policy so far has been very successful. The questions that beg answering then are:

“What is the acceptable level of growth going forward?”
“Will the policy regime change in light of the recent policy paper on population?”

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the rationale for a change in policy stance
  • Appreciating the recent demand drivers in the market
  • Probable guiding principles for future policy changes

About the speaker:

Dr Chua Yang Liang is the National Director and Head of Research & Consultancy, Singapore in Jones Lang LaSalle, and is also the firm’s media spokesperson for the Singapore property market. Dr Chua’s responsibilities include research forecasts and analysis for local auctions, commercial, industrial, investment, residential and retail sectors as well as conducting client specific market research. As the leader for Jones Lang LaSalle’s local and sub-regional research service, Dr Chua oversees a team of five research analysts and works closely with the regional Real Estate Intelligence Service (REIS) team based in Singapore.

Chia Siew Chuin

Director of Research & Advisory, Colliers International Singapore

"Building Business Space for Small-and-Medium Enterprises in the New Economy"
With all the challenges that come from the aging population come 2030, how suitable will business space be for local proprietors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, cottage businesses?

The Government will be providing 11 million square metres of commercial space in the central area and another 13 million square metres in decentralised locations. While a balanced management of resources is vital in cultivating continued growth, it is also important to ensure that future real estate facilities will suit the needs of businesses. Will the urban planning framework facilitate the provision of adequate and suitable accommodation for business users, to avoid a waste of scarce land resources?

What you will learn:

  • The changing face of manufacturing
  • The reasons why “unauthorised users” exist in industrial properties
  • The importance of matching business and real estate requirements

About the speaker:

Chia Siew Chuin is the Director of Research & Advisory at Colliers International Singapore. Leading a team of analysts in providing real estate market research and assisting clients to align their real estate needs with wider business objectives, Ms Chia also oversees the production of insightful real estate research publications, which include Asia Pacific Industrial Market Overview and Singapore Quarterly Property Market Reports. With almost 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Ms Chia is well-versed in all sectors of Singapore’s real estate market – particularly the industrial, office, residential and retail sectors.